Lil Wayne Gives Advice on Dating

Lil Wayne Gives Advice on Dating

Lil Wayne!! Yes! The guy who taught us “How To Love” back in High School dropped a video answering some questions about dating.


Now, If you think “why would I take advice from a guy that has 5 separate baby mommas?” you’re right, that’s why I encourage you to answer these questions with me to see how far off you are from Lil Wayne’s views.


Best place to meet people: I think wherever you spend time doing what you like.

Where would you take someone on a first date?: Arcade Bar!

Where would you not take someone on a first date?: I think going to see a movie for a first date is kind of lame because you’re just there watching a movie and not really getting to know the other person. (Lil Wayne says don’t take them to your place of living lol)

What do you wear on your first date?: I personally think you can wear whatever you want EXCEPT your best outfit, save that one for the second or third date!

What music do you play on a first date?: Tough one. I don’t like country, but I am currently being trained to listen to it hehe. For a first date, though? probably some Bruno or Marving Gaye? I don’t know lol.

Best opening line for your girlfriend?: HI

One piece of advice for someone that is dating?: DON’T MAKE IT A PRIORITY! Work, family, and school should always be your priority! I guarantee you’ll meet the right person at the most unexpected time.

But hey, I’m Tiago Rey, I’m a nobody. Watch Lil Wayne’s interview right here and come up with your own conclusions!