FDA, DHHS Warning Nebraskans About Unapproved Stem-Cell Treatments

FDA, DHHS Warning Nebraskans About Unapproved Stem-Cell Treatments

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration are warning to Nebraskans to beware of un-approved treatments involving stem-cells, placentas, and umbilical cords.

Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine specialist with HHS, Maureen Tierney, tells KLIN News un-approved treatments are being advertised at a growing rate,  but an FDA report warns such procedures may have unintended consequences.

“There could be a reaction at the injection site, there’s been promotion of growth of certain tumors…and sometimes the cells, or exosomes, might move from the place where they’re injected and multiply or change into different or inappropriate cell-types.”

Tierney says the FDA felt it necessary to release a statement due to the increase in popularity of such treatments among clinics, with numbers growing from a few hundred to over a thousand nationwide.

Citing an FDA report released last week, Tierney says “They (The FDA) actually makes some very strong statements, one of which says these clinics are making unsubstantiated claims.”

While some unapproved treatments may prove useful to patients after they’re researched, currently there’s only one approved FDA stem-cell procedure available in the U.S and that’s to treat certain blood disorders.

Tierney says if you do suffer from an illness and think an un-approved treatment will heal you, talk with your provider about signing up for an FDA approved clinical trial.