How To Properly Keep The Coronavirus Off Your Phone

How To Properly Keep The Coronavirus Off Your Phone

The Coronavirus has been known to be able to survive on surfaces, in some cases up to a week or more. This, unfortunately, includes your beloved phone. Can you remember the last time you cleaned your phone? Not only that, but think of all the times you put your dirty phone on your ear! No need to panic, though. This is just a precautionary measure that will help you keep your phone clean while making sure you aren’t interfering with its electrical components.



The first step is obviously to wash your hands.


Apple announced that you can safely clean your iPhone with disinfectant wipes, like Lysol or Clorox sheets. This is the safest way to disinfect your device.

If you know your phone for sure is water-resistant, you could even consider using a small amount of disinfectant spray as long as you let it sit for 4 minutes and wipe it down properly afterward.

Don’t think about cleaning your phone with 100% rubbing alcohol. It can mess up your phone’s ability to protect factory-coatings that keep oil and water from damaging your screen.

If you’re using an alcohol-based product make sure it has at least 70% alcohol concentration, in order to kill the virus.



Ultimately, if you wanna go an extra step beyond, you could purchase this Smartphone UV Sanitizer that will pretty much sterilize your phone. They call it the PhoneSoap and you can find it here:

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Remember we’re all in this together and these are just a few extra precautions that you can take to help contain the virus. No need to panic, though.