Tips To Boost Your Immune System To Fight Viruses

Tips To Boost Your Immune System To Fight Viruses

The Coronavirus keeps infecting thousands of people worldwide and doctors keep stating there aren’t any specific treatments for the virus itself other than the treatment of symptoms (cough, fever, ETC) That’s why it is very important to keep your immune system strong and healthy since it’s your own defense system against viruses (isn’t it insane how complex our bodies are?)


  1. Exercise: Although you should exercise regularly, this is scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system. CLICK HERE for a quick at-home 10-min routine
  2. Nutritious meals: I have seen a lot of people buy canned food and frozen food because it is convenient, but these foods aren’t as effective at strengthening your immune system as vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, beef and chicken. With more time in your hands during Coronavirus times, you should try to make homemade meals. I recommend following Mediterranean-food recipes.
  3. Vitamin C: Although it hasn’t been 100% proven that it helps your immune system directly, it has been proven to help increase the production of disease-fighting cells. You can get lots of Vitamin C from oranges. An 8oz glass of OJ can provide 120% of the daily value recommended.
  4. Sleep well: 7-8 hours of sleep is enough for a strong immune system. Melatonin released in your body stimulates immune cells overnight.
  5. Drink Water: A lot of the metabolic functions (ie. expelling what isn’t needed in your body) won’t work if your body is dehydrated. Including your mucous membranes that catch germs before they enter your body.


These are simple steps you can follow in order to fight viruses. A strong immune system is more effective at fighting diseases from the inside out, at least until a vaccine or a specific treatment is developed.


Stay safe, Lincoln! we’re in this together 🙂









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